About mithila

On the north of this land of Mithila stands the Himalayas; to the west the Na'rayan'ii-Gan'd'aka river; in the south the Ganges, and to the east, the old Kaoshii river. The ancient name for Mithila was Videha. When the Aryans first entered India from Central Asia to the west, in the first stage they advanced up to Allahabad, and then they proceeded to Varanasi. In Central Asia there was neither sufficient land nor water; but after arriving in India they found that the land there was very fertile; there were plenty of resources for food, clothing, etc. Thus they first named the country Jambudviipa ("an island with an abundance of stones of the colour of blackberries") and later renamed it Bha'ratvarsa. The root verb -bhr means "to feed" or "to maintain"; ta means "that which helps in expansion", and vars'a means "land". So the name Bha'ratvarsa means "the land where there is an abundance of resources for existence and expansion."